Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions set guidelines on the relationship between you and us. When you use our website in any way you agree to be bound by them and agree to follow it.

Our business name: AssignmentPapersHub


Terms and Conditions

A. Definitions of terms used:

    “Terms” means the scope and definitions of terms and conditions set out herein

    “Content” means the intellectual property contained in this website

    “Contract” means your order and our written acceptance of it is in by commitment of your own choice.

    "Website" means the entire computing installation that is or supports our website either in terms of hardware or software.

    “Writer” means the person who is engaged to compile the Work. He is the person who will write the article

B. Contractual agreement

1. Our terms and conditions will be effective once you: means the task or tasks which you have provided to us by you. These are the materials for a task issued under contractible terms mean you as the person who gets into contract with our company AssignmentPapersHub.com.

i. Visit our website and /or

ii. In the event you become a buyer or a potential buyer

2. Works ordered by you or advertised on this website are subject to a Writer agreeing to your requested standards and agreeing to work within the deadline

    3. Your acceptance or assent of our quotation for works by us constitutes an offer to purchase the works and be bound by the terms and conditions. Offers shall be valid only if:

    a) You receive an e-mail confirmation from AssignmentPapersHub

    b) (Prior) from us you have been receiving works

Once we establish a contract for purchase and supply of works these terms thereof shall be effective Quotations are issued by us and a contract only becomes valid when in accordance with clause B 3 above. The prices quoted in the online calculator may vary from the actual to be paid. The valid price will be sent via our e-mail quote and it will be inclusive of VAT in response your request form. Quotations made by us in our e-mail quotation will be valid for a period of not more than 12 hours or such period as we may deem to be appropriate.

    i. Our e-mail confirmation will give you details of your purchase price to be paid (inclusive of Bank charges) and the agreed deadline time to deliver the Works.

    ii. The above Terms and Conditions are liable to change without actual notice to you. All such changes to these Terms will appear on the website: http:// www.AssignmentPapersHub.com. The effective Terms and Conditions that apply to you are the ones posted on this site on the material day you demand our services.

C. Works

    1. AssignmentPapersHub provides the information on AssignmentPapersHub.com as is without warranty of any kind either implied or express. The works contained in our website are the opinions of the Writer and not of AssignmentPapersHub its employees or agents. AssignmentPapersHub disclaims any warranties concerning the accuracy or appropriateness of any information by AssignmentPapersHub website or in the Works. AssignmentPapersHub excludes any liability for the reliability or usefulness of the content of the web site.

    2. We provide works as commissioned at and as specified in your request. The dates of delivery are purely estimates but we use our endeavors much to be reasonable in delivery of your work.

    3. You are directly liable for all the works from the moment they are requested by you

D. Our terms of Pricing and modes of Payment

    A. The works under no circumstances or any other part of the order will it be started without having settled the full amount. The full amount must be the one agreed by you and us in writing. Consequently no part of the order will be sent to you.

    B. You will bear all banking charges on payments received by us and this includes all other charges relating to payments in any other currencies

    C. Information relating to exchange rates is approximate and may keep on varying .from time to time.

    D. All sums due must be paid by the means specified without deduction or default.

    E. In any event all monies owed will be refunded to you in no later than 30 days from the date we have agreed to reimburse you.

E. Information we require you to provide us with

You concur that the information about you that you have given us and will continue to give us is true concise and relevant to the best of your knowledge. Any information that we may require about you or the works will be provide in full and in timely manner. This information is very necessary when we need to provide you with the works.

    i. You will be accountable in supplying all the relevant information of your order before placing an order with us. Any other information provided later after we provide with a Quotation will not be part of the contract formed. Addition of any other information other than the one placed on the online order form is subject to accessibility and may attract extra charges.

    ii. In circumstances where you may have any directions to our Writers supporting reference materials or additional information materials this information must be sent by using our e-mail as soon as possible.

    iii. In the event that the writer require additional information or assistance on the works you concur to collaborate with the Writer throughout the project

    iv. We shall not be held responsible for any costs or injuries that has occurred as a result of exclusion erasure or imperfection in the Content or the Work and any charges or losses incurred by you impliedly or not.

F. Delivery of Works

    a. It is in your full knowledge that the internet is a volatile and susceptible to easy access by anyone or by downloading via the internet from our website you admit the risks involved in delivery and thus we cannot guarantee you unauthorized access from third party intruders. In such instances where you propose other methods of delivery you acknowledge the risk of delivery.

    b. If complete works are not ready we may deliver the works in installments until we deliver works completely

    c. We shall use all our machineries to provide your Work by the agreed dates but any dates shall be approximations only where time shall not be quintessence. Incase we fail to deliver you order by the agreed dates we shall inform you by means of an e-mail to arrange for another date of delivery.

    d. We shall not be liable to indemnify anyone because of lapse removal or flaws in the Works or any failure to comply charges or losses borne by you directly or indirectly

G. Taxes duties and import restrictions

    A. When you visit our website you explicitly concur that the laws of your native country shall preside over these Terms excluding any conflict of law rules. We AssignmentPapersHub have no familiarity and will have no accountability for the laws in your country of residence.

    B. You have the discreet responsibility for procuring Works that you are legally able to import. The payment of import duties and taxes of any kind levied in your country of residence shall be borne by you.

H. Works returned

    a) As a buyer of our Works you do not have the rights of annulment as the Works we submit to you are prepared to suit the specifications that you sent us. Consequently you may not cancel your order after we have accepted the offer of your order.

    b) In such circumstances where your requirements are not met we will arrange with our Writer engaged to correct your Work provided you send us a notification 7 days after delivery your order. Incase relating to dissertations 7 days of receiving part and 14 day of the full paper

    c) In the event that your original request have not been fulfilled you must notify us by info@AssignmentPapersHub.com. We will respond to your complaints within 10 working from the

I. Disclaimers

    A. AssignmentPapersHub operates this website as a service to its clients subject to these Terms and all modifications thereto in addition to guidelines may be published at any time and without advance notice.

    B. You are notified that the content and works may have procedural inaccuracies. Any other information posted on this Website is not intended to be an advice to be relied upon. We are therefore not liable for any losses incurred by relying on such placed information materials by you or any visitor in this website.

    C. You may be able to link to third parties’ web sites from the AssignmentPapersHub.com Web Site. Linked sites are not however examined by AssignmentPapersHub.com in any way and AssignmentPapersHub.com is not responsible for the content availability advertising products or other materials of any such Linked Sites or any additional links contained therein. Whilst we will make reasonable effort to ensure that the Works meet a stipulated standard we shall not guarantee your mark and will not in any way be held liable for a failure to meet the required mark.

    D. The Web Site may contain links to other sites. Other sites may also reference or link to the Web Site. AssignmentPapersHub.com is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such other sites.

J. Permitted use of Works

    a) The Content and Work on this Web Site is intended for educational purposes only. These web pages or any portions thereof may not be framed reproduced displayed transferred or redistributed for commercial gain or any other purpose. Except as expressly permitted you may not modify copy publish display transmit adapt create derivative works from or in any way exploit the content of the Web Site.

    b) Only if you obtain prior written consent from us – and from all other entities with an interest in the relevant intellectual property – may you publish copy display or commercially exploit any material from the Web Site. If permission is granted by us and by all other entities with an interest in the relevant intellectual property you may not change or delete any author attribution trademark legend or copyright notice.

    c) You must abide by all additional copyright notices or other restrictions contained on the Web Site. Moreover any AssignmentPapersHub affiliate or third party corporate names and logos may not be altered or used without specific prior written permission from the associates.

    d) You are advised that any views expressed in the Works are opinions only have been provided merely for academic support and do not constitute professional advice in any way.

    e) You are aware that the Works should be used solely academic purposes.

    f) You agree that any decision to use our services or the Work personal initiative and neither the Writers nor we are in any way liable for any decision made by you to use our services or Works that may breach your institution’s rules regulations or guidelines.

    g) You are not permitted to submit the Works as your own in whole or in part and in doing so would constitute a breach of our copyright in such Works. In doing so you automatically forfeit your rights to use the Work in accordance with these Terms.

    h) You agree not to resell distribute or post to any website any Works provided hereunder

K. System Security

Access to our Website is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the service we provide on our Website without notice. We will not be liable if for any reason our Website in unavailable at any time or for any period. We take security very seriously. However due to the open communication nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee that communications between you and AssignmentPapersHub.com and AssignmentPapersHub.com and you will be free from unauthorized access by third parties. Users of the Web Site use the Web Site at their own risk. AssignmentPapersHub reserves the right to remove or adjust our website without prior notice. We will not take any liability for unavailability of our Website for any period.

M. Indemnities

You agree to assure us against any claim or demand. All charges or losses sustained or incurred by you including reasonable lawyers' fees arising in any way either directly or indirectly out of and your use of our Website will be borne by you.

N. Rights of third parties

It is your sole responsibility to comply with the appropriate terms of service of the third parties as well as with any other obligation under copyright secrecy defamation and export laws related to the use of such third party Sites and any content contained thereon. Neither this agreement nor our website shall grant any third party any benefit as stipulated in the Rights of Third Parties Act.

O. Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise relating to these terms then you will agree to amicably solve the issue or thereof solve the dispute before commencing to court of law for adjudication or legal action