Discipline: Project managem

Title: The usability of an International Business course in the field of Information Technology

 International business course is suited to you if you are interested in business and its application to information technology project management. This will equip you with both business skills and information technology project management skills. It will enable you combine the key aspects of information technology covering areas such as software development, networking, security, system analyses and databases and project management skills such as planning, designing, integrating, managing and execution of project with business skills.

Information technology project management will enable you to combine the skills of information technology with project management like, leadership, strategy, decision-making, innovation planning, scheduling and controlling information system and information technology, to managing critical interfaces with users and vendors, to balancing critical development needs with system maintenance. Combining these skills with international business course such as of accounting, operations management, organization behavior, marketing, knowledge and skills in finance, and the management of new ventures will enable you to own unique skills of solving business related issues acquired during your study.