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Title: Team in Action: Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team


The summer Olympics of 2012 were held in London. The 2012 summer was reported as biggest multisport events ever held in past Olympic preparations as international Olympic committee (IOC) noted due to fact that it has hosted several Olympics games compared to past international championships. The event was hosted in London UK where it was officially opened on July running to 12 August of same year. Since Olympics games commenced, its main objectives are to accommodate various Olympic Games in the world comprising of various nations. This paper analyzes one of the celebrated events in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the gymnastics event, which attracts large group of people in the stadium. In this category, Chinese Men’s gymnastics team was the main highlight of the event with large cloud cheering for their favorites.

Over the past world competitions especially in Olympic Games, the Chinese Men’s gymnastics team has always been a moving force in gymnastics category due to their stunning performances. The team great performance has been greatly influenced by its credible leaders and talented teamwork. From first team heads LI Ning and Li Xiaoshuang to team leader Xiaopeng and his counterpart Yang Wei, Chinese Men’s gymnastics team has produced commendable results scoping top positions and several medals in the events. For instance, in the Los Angles Olympics held in year 1984 the team was the second run-up by taking the silver medal. The team leaders were not happy with the silver medal owing to their dedication to teamwork as well as resources invented for their preparation. However, in the following Olympic Games that were held in Beijing, the Chinese male Gymnastic team was regarded as the winning team due to their excellence show in the group stages. The team comprised of experienced team leaders as well as new freshmen who offered stunning performance and cooperation. According to team couch head Ning, the newly recruits in the team provided their mettle quickly.