Discipline: Business

Title: Positive Message Memo

Business messages are vital in business communication. For an individual well conversant with the English language, does not mean that he can compose a business message perfectly. There exists a structure, standards or guiding principle followed in order to come up with a business message, which put across the proper meaning. A well-structured business message can have helpful impact in the company returns. This is a matter of structuring the business message to portray professionalism, treating them well as the company’s business partner. Writing a business message is a three-step process i.e. planning, writing and completion.


Planning is a very fundamental step, and if an error is committed in this stage, it can create an irrevocable error capable of downsizing the business. Therefore, it is vital that all steps are fully considered along with ample emphasis on planning a business message. Planning also involves identify the recipient of the business message so that precautionary measures can be adopted to facilitate structuring a business message suitable for the intended audience. The purpose of the business message is also determined during the planning stage. This identifies the purpose of the business message and designs its content in relation to the purpose it is intended to serve.

Writing Business Messages

Business message begins by psyching the audience who will be reading it. The safest starting point is to assume your business associates are total strangers. Consider the following when psyching the audience: Adopt a “You” attitude- speaking and writing for an audience wishes, interests, hopes and preferences.