Discipline: Human source

Title: Managing Human Resources

A human resource structure is usually flexible, and it reflects the immediate needs of the business. Human resource is flexible; it changes with time. The human Resource structure that this Hewlett-Packard (HP) adopts is based on its immediate needs; this is because the human resource structure has to conform to the organisation structure (Pieper, 1990).

The company adopts a human resource that is in function with the organisation structure. This structure conforms to the human resource needs of the company. The person at the top of the human resource structure is the human resource director. The human resource director responds directly to the company chief executive officer. The human resource department is extremely essential to an organisation; the presence of human resource function shows how the human capital is valued in the company (Pieper, 1990).

Human resource capital is extremely essential to any company’s bottom-line, in a relative small business, or a middle tier company; employees usually carry out cross functional activities and hence, when one employee leaves this affects the whole company’s profitability and this leaves a massive gap to be filled. In situations where the company is experiencing capital short falls, or it’s forced to reduce the number of employees, the human resource function is the one that comes up with the method of reducing the number of employees. This is a form of budget control functions that the human resource function is responsible for the other include negotiating for a better pay, salary analysis, and in a small companies that have a limited budget this function is crucial. Give the diversity of the workers in workplace; conflicts are inevitable, human resource employees in the organisation help in resolving these conflicts.